Mindiply word 'timeline' stylised - a clearer alternative to Gantt charts

High-level project plans that customers understand

How is Mindiply timeline different?

a high-level view of the project
quick confident updates to the project plan
trust and responsibility to your talented team
a project roadmap for when the really important stuff happens
A simple project timeline with two phases and two milestones

The high-level project timeline that replaces Gantt charts

Gantt charts can be overly complex and rigid. A Mindiply project timeline is a more compact high-level view of what and when is happening to your project.

Two graphical project timelines, one illustrating an agile project and the other one a waterfall project

Works whatever your project style

Is it a traditional waterfall project? Is it an agile project? Is it something in between? A project timeline works as a roadmap and can represent all of them well.

Two project metrics panels: long-term metrics vs short-term metrics

Provides progress metrics for clients and teams

Whether you are talking to your customers or to your team members, we provide you with the progress data you need.

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What lies behind word 'timeline' stylised

An illustration of office work with eccentric elements

Timeline charts and mental timelines

Timelines are so effective because they mimic our natural way of representing numbers and quantities.
An eccentric illustration of office work

Smart Gantt charts: the secret pm weapon

This modern way of presenting your project will make it easy for everyone to get what’s to be done and by when.
An illustration of a watch and a calendar with people around them

The Hidden Benefits of Timeline Project Management

One of the key benefits of implementing project management timelines within your project is the visualisation of time.

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