Project timelines with  stylised word 'timeline'

You don't have to be a project manager to manage projects

Why Mindiply is different

Do swift updates to your project timeline
Let them update the status of tasks by email
Have a clear & visual way to present progress
Focus on the long-term, informed by the day-to-day
A graphical project timeline with two phases and a few activities under them

Communicate clearly with your clients and stakeholders

Non-project managers need help understanding Gantt charts. A project timeline focuses on a high-level schedule that all will understand.

A screenshot showing people assigned to an activity of a project timeline

Collaborate with your team

Invite your team members to collaborate with you in real-time. The first four collaborators who join will be free of charge!

A panel with metrics related to the project: total progress and tasks burndown chart

Sane progress tracking

Once you have been through all your Kanban boards, task lists, email trails, and meetings, return to your project oasis and summarise the status in your schedule.

An email providing links to update the progress of tasks

Receive timely updates from the team

Calling and emailing team members to check their progress can feel tedious, unwelcome and intrusive.

Can we help you draw your project timeline?

You can also send us an email or give us a call.

What's behind  stylised word 'timeline'

An eccentric illustration of office work

Smart Gantt charts: the secret pm weapon

This modern way of presenting your project will make it easy for everyone to get what’s to be done and by when.
A colourful illustration of people at work in a meeting

How to communicate project status to clients and stakeholders

Let’s go straight to the point: if you use minutes or spreadsheets, you’re doing it wrong. Really, really wrong.
An illustration of a watch and a calendar with people around them

The Hidden Benefits of Timeline Project Management

One of the key benefits of implementing project management timelines within your project is the visualisation of time.

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