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Hello! We are a friendly start-up working in the innovation space. Our passion is to build tools for making people smarter and more creative.

Many people think that creativity is a special gift for the lucky few. That's nonsense - everybody can be creative. Creativity is a skill that must be cared for and cultivated, and we give you the right tools to grow the seeds of your ideas into beautiful flowers.

How do we do this? Our tools are built upon the latest research findings from the fields of cognitive psychology, data science, statistics and neuroscience - and we add a lot of enthusiasm and passion to the mix.

Our approach

One thing I have learned in a long life: that all our science, measured against reality, is primitive and childlike—and yet it is the most precious thing we have

Albert Einstein, letter to Hans Muehsam, 9 July 1951.

Yes, science is still far from being flawless, but it is still our best tool available for understanding how the world (and human behavior!) works. Science means curiosity and critical sense, chasing problems, constant updating and improving, creating new methodologies for investigation and intervention, but also sharing ideas, data and solutions (yes, we believe that science and knowledge should be free and publicly available).

With these ideas in mind, we decided to follow an evidence-based approachto make the results of research usable by anyone. In the development of our tools, we combine the latest knowledge from the fields of cognitive psychology, data science, statistics and neuroscience, to provide you with apps that support and enhance your cognitive processes and make you smarter, more productive, efficient, and creative.

That’s MINDIPLY: multIPLY the things you can do with your MIND!

Want to know more about how tools can support and improve individual and group performances in cognitive tasks? Here’s our primer on cognitive artefacts.

In the Beginning...

Many years ago, Paolo and Francesco, two friends (both young students at the time, with a strong interest for creativity processes) were discussing about the pros and cons of traditional brainstorming methods, and whether there was a way to improve them.

Fast forward years later, the two friends find themselves speaking about creativity again: Paolo is now a techie, with a successful career as technical director at a software house, Francesco is a cognitive psychologist, with years of expertise as academic researcher and lecturer.

Paolo believes that the business world could strongly benefit from advice about how to make better decisions and coming up with innovative ideas; Francesco is tired of seeing the business world full of mumbo-jumbo and nonsense procedures without any evidence of effectiveness, while the research findings seems to be available only to the academic community.

This time the two decide to join forces and expertises to create something new for linking the world of academic research, with its rigorous methods and constant updating, with the need of the business world for improving decisions, performances, problem solving, and having better ideas. This is how Mindiply was born!

Meet the team

Paolo Bongiovanni


Paolo is a techie. He also likes to read and tinker with strategy, psychology, philosophy, product design and cooking.

He was technical director at Retain International developing resource planning software for the professional services industry.

Paolo wants to create useful and beautiful software within an enthusiastic and talented organisation. He continues to read a lot and sometimes he also listens to his colleagues' suggestions.

Francesco Marcatto

Scientific Lead

Francesco is a psychologist with a PhD in Cognitive Psychology, and a long background in conducting basic and applied research, academic teaching and business training. He has a strong passion for bringing the results of scientific research into the design of new applications for improving the quality of individual and organisational decision-making and creativity.

Francesco is responsible for developing evidence-based applications at Mindiply.

Sarah Hutchinson


Sarah is a multidisciplinary designer with a bachelor in product and furniture design from the Design Academy Eindhoven.

She has a deep relationship with the creative process and is excited to be sharing tools which help everyone access better ideation, collaboration and decision making.

She takes a lead in delivering visual content for Mindiply.

is our group creativity app

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