We help you and your team to think deeply and creatively

We build tools for deep thinking, multiplying the power of your mind
We are evidence based: researching our users and using the latest findings from the scientific literature
We are exploring ways new technology can help you innovate

Meet the team

Paolo Bongiovanni


When not a dad and husband, I'm a techie, amateur chef, entrepreneur in training.

I want to create useful and beautiful software within an enthusiastic and talented organisation who talks and listens to their customers.


Francesco Marcatto

Scientific Lead

Francesco is a psychologist with a PhD in Cognitive Psychology.

He has a strong passion for bringing the results of scientific research into the design of new applications for improving the quality of individual and organisational decision-making and creativity.


Sarah Hutchinson


Sarah is a UI/UX designer who's constantly learning and getting out of her comfort zone

She has a deep relationship with the creative process and is excited to be sharing tools which help everyone access better ideation, collaboration and decision making.


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