Why reporting is the number 1 pain point of project managers

Angeliki Koumani27 Aug 20

Work life for project managers is often filled with tracking tasks, measuring progress over money spent and chasing deadlines and milestones. Creating reports is another task which often feels thankless. In fact based on extensive research from the Mindiply team, reporting is a journey full of pain points.

> report pain points infographic


  1. Different audiences require different level of reporting information.
  2. Usually project information is scattered across different tools which requires a lot of digging around.
  3. Chasing updates on issues which is caused by team members not updating tools properly.
  4. Manual extraction of reporting information. Manipulating formulas, using queries & widgets are often needed to generate reporting data in a lot of tools.
  5. Manual formatting of the reporting data to a nice presentable form is tricky and time consuming.
  6. Having easily accessible all the information and supporting data they need during presenting reports.

If you face any of the problems mentioned above have a look here for tips on how to create effective project reports in less time.

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