Brainstorming sucks.

Here's why. And how to do it a whole lot better.
John | 28.10.16

Brainstorming sucks. It’s a massive waste of time. Don’t bother.

Seriously, it sucks. You sit around getting nowhere, listening to the loudest jerk in the room and it all ends up in a heap of not very much.

Most people (including, I’m guessing, YOU) have had some tedious experience along these lines. What most people don’t know is why brainstorming sucks. 

Well, we do. (Because one of our team is a cognitive psychologist. We didn’t just read some blog post about it).

Watch out. Here comes the science bit.

The first reason why it sucks is everybody else. There’s a phenomenon called 'production blocking', which is a fancy way to say that if you are paying attention to others explaining their ideas, you cannot generate new ones. And it is also likely that your next ideas will be influenced by what you have just heard. So say goodbye to both quantity and originality.

Moreover, the "standard" rules of brainstorming say to avoid criticism and to welcome ‘crazy ideas’. The problem with this is that we are just humans and not robots, and we judge consciously or unconsciously, no matter what we say we do. It is very difficult to adhere to these 'rules'. The scientists call this one 'evaluation apprehension’.

Better together?

The high concept behind brainstorming, that people are more creative when working in a group, is easy to embrace. Meeting in a group and talking openly seems to be the best way to face a complex problem. 

Unfortunately this idea is false, too. Brainstorming often leads to what has been called 'the illusion of productivity': when people perceive they have found the best available solution to the problem, and any one person in the group tends to overstate their personal contribution to the creative process.

There’s many other reasons why, some of which you can read about here. But I reckon you’ve got the gist by now.

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Everything that matters starts with an idea.

I presume you’re reading this because you’re a smart thinker. You like feeling the rush of a brand new, gleaming, transformative idea. You hate dull, boring meetings where you’d rather be doing something - anything - more useful.

Well, we thought the same thing. So we made something that works a whole lot better than brainstorming. It’s called Neonce. 

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More than just another business/productivity/blah blah tool.

Neonce is a web application where you create great ideas, refine them, and select the best. And when great ideas come together: magic happens.

You want creative solutions. But everyone knows meetings waste time. Everyone knows brainstorming doesn’t work very well. So we created something better. It can save you time. It can save your business money.

It’s a way to harness the best of collaborative working. Not the worst.

It’s based on real science.

Neonce uses a unique process to develop creative solutions for any project, based on real, current data from neuroscience and psychology. Scientific literature. Peer-reviewed journals. Not hearsay. Not something you read on some blog. 

Other tools give you a ‘how’. We give you the ‘why’.

The power of the crowd.

Whether onsite or remote: Neonce works best with other people: whether you use it to solve problems, engage with your customers, or map out the next five years. Start dreaming of the future right here.

Develop ideas that matter. Supercharge your team. Transform your business. Neonce. Try it for free today.

Watch an introductory video right here.

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